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Our Vision


Discover the optimal organic skincare regimen to rejuvenate and restore your youthful complexion.

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Harmony Harvest Vision

Care For Our Planet and People

  • We care for people through natural therapies and herbal medicine.
  • We care for our spectacular planet to eradicate nature’s contamination
  • We care for your skin by maintaining its purity and nourishment through herbal medicine.
  • We care for the ocean by refraining its pollution of chemical-based waste.
  • We care for the ocean by refraining its pollution of chemical-based waste.
  • We can see the remarkable result in using organic and natural care, it transforms the body brighter and full of life.

Healthy Circulation

  • If all the organic products we create recur after its usage, it will result in a well and healthy place for everyone to live in.
  • If all skincare that penetrates the skin is deeply nourished with organic components that our human body needs, it would result in a glowing skin.
  • If our haircare is not made of any plastic components and promotes a healthy scalp, it will restore the hair’s beauty and healthiness.
  • If our meals are all organic and harmless to the body, we will not fall into any kind of illness.
  • If our mind is joyous and relaxed, it will attract positivity and happiness to society. Making them happier and more determined in life.

We Believe

When we start to think about how we live in the beauty of our mother planet and how to give back to the ecosystem it granted us.

We could only witness the bountiful and wondrous resources our ecosystem bestowed for us to sustain a healthy everyday living.

However, we tend to overlook the fact of how we’re neglecting this beautiful gift from the natural environment. We wasted every fraction of its gift instead, that will never produce something beneficial for the planet in return.

Such are plastics that continue to contaminate our ecosystem. Part of the modern innovations developed were electric cars with reduced car emissions, helping the environment to minimize pollution. Despite the development and benefit that electric cars can offer, society remains to drive cars that emit toxic compounds, constantly contaminating the air we breathe to survive.

It has not come fully to society’s awareness but we already gained sufficient resources in creating enough electric energy through solar power if we cover all the roads with solar panels.

We just need people to WAKE UP and realize that we should take action in eliminating pollution and the damage made in the substantial world we exist.

When we all work together– stop fighting or competing with each other, it will speed our way up in transforming our planet a better place to live in.

Just believe in the power within you.

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210 Old Bernies Road Margate Tasmania 7054

+61 401-086-311

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Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm

Saturday: 11am – 6pm

Sunday: Closed

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