Harmony Harvest offers a comprehensive collection of Australian Certified Organic skin care, hair care and baby care products. 

Harmony Harvest is hand harvested from the purest ingredients and essences nature and Tasmania/Australia can provide....

We are so proud to introduce our NEW 5 step skincare program

  Our five step program is designed to give you the best skin of your lifetime.   

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Organic Five Step Anti Aging Program To Beautiful Healthy Skin.....

Step One-

Certified Organic Facial Cleansing for Dry Skin, gently massage the face from the neck upwards , has mild ph so doesnt clog the pores....Gently remove waiste deeply from pores without drying the skins surface.

Step Two

Certified Organic Facial Massage Oil - Gently massage your face for toning up the skin and help sagging. This step is so important to take your skincare to another level or nutrition and flexibility.

Step Three

Certified Organic Rosehip Moisture cream is known world wide as a Number one skin care ingredient as contains lots of Vitamin C for skin , great vitamin booster and anti ageing wonder herb.

Step Four

Our Certified Organic Seaweed serum is very special and you will not believe what it can do for your skin elasticity over time and also Seaweed contains all sorts of minerals for repairing at the night time.  

Step Five

Holistic and Certified Organic Organic Wild Mist sprayed onto the face is the ulitimate finish for hydration and feeling fresh to start the day!

Made in Tasmania

Indigenous ingredients are blended with natural energy that remain untainted and intact. Lovingly harvested and blended in our Tasmanian eco-lab.


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