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Gifted Healer

Ami Nakamura

Ami was born in Japan with a special gift that could scan people or space energy. It means she could read other people’s energy and products. This includes identifying which food or products are safe to take.

However, her sensitivity to contaminated air, food, drinking water, and daily care products was something she couldn’t withstand. Hence, she realized she could not live in Japan any longer due to pollution and its wide commercialization of artificial foods, etc.

An opportunity came and she was lucky to move in Tasmania, Australia– the cleanest island in the world. She then discovered several amazing and purest herbs, honey, aromatherapy oil, and seaweeds.

Delighted with what Tasmania has in for her, she almost went crazy gathering a variety of all-natural resources from the forest that she started developing a range of organic skincare in her kitchen.

Ami realized how her face was horribly dry and how it’s covered with face lines all over. She then decided to apply her personal organic creation. After 30 days of applying her self-made skincare, it amazed her how it actually worked every time she sees herself in the mirror.

All wrinkles disappeared and her skin became silky soft.

This was the beginning of Ami’s development and passion to deliver this quality range of organic skincare, hair, and body care globally, particularly to people suffering from chemical products like her.

She has been using the same organic skincare she concocted for the last 15 years and its result is astonishingly the same, still silky and smooth.