Why Australian and Why ORGANIC?

 Certified Organic Skincare

Australian Certified Organic Skin and Hair Care - Made in Tasmania

People are realising that it is not only beneficial to eat Organic , but  we can also use them to support our largest organ – the skin. Most commercial cosmetics, body care and hair care products use chemical emulsifying wax which coats the skin - this clogs skin pores, blocks the skin from breathing, creates big skin pores as they try to breathe and dries up the skin.

These chemical preservatives may also be a cancer causing factor. Harmony Harvest Certified Organic Skincare products allow the skin to breathe, which promotes relaxation and relieves stress, rebalancing the body and mind.  Harmony Harvest spa products are as effective as leading world-class spa products.


Australian Certified Organic by ACO

All our certified organic skincare products have received organic certification via the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) industry body. ACO certification also meets the International Organic Standard IFORM.  Achieving this accreditation is extremely difficult with 95% of ingredients having to be certified organic and the remaining 5% has to be all natural ingredients. No chemicals are permitted.  So, our all products are fully Certified Organic which guarantees a much higher quality than most commercially produced 'organic' products - commonly they only using a small percentage of organic ingredients yet their packaging convinces us they are 'all about organic'.
        packaging convinces us they are 'all about organic'.


Developed by natural therapies professionals

Our organic skin products and organic face care products will provide the following benefits:

+ anti-oxidant food-quality ingredients such as green tea extract, wheat germ oils, olive and seaweed extract
+ boosting of collagen and reduction of the appearances of lines through the supply of organic vitamins A, B C & E and minerals zinc and iron
+ professional organic formula which penetrates deep skin layers to help promote healthy skin. It also includes a natural herbal remedy to heal troubled skin
+ our products allow your skin to breathe without chemical plastic film (PEG) and supports the development of smooth and silky skin
+ promotion of the reduction of skin problems, such as acne and eczema, through the rebalancing of the circulation of sebum (body oil)

Organic Baby Care

Harmony Harvest has also devised an organic baby care range, so you can protect the rest of your family. Our organic baby care products include baby honey milk, baby aroma lotion and baby massage oil. These organic baby products offer the following benefits to your baby:

+ chemical free products, suitable for newborn babies
+ organic baby care that has all natural ingredients, such as Australian tea tree oil and orange oil, to protect your baby’s skin from bacteria
+ organic baby products with aromatherapy oils to relax your baby and to moisturise your baby’s skin

The choice is yours! Provide yourself and your family with the goodness of organic beauty products.

Organic Spa

Try out our range and spoil yourself in our first organic spa centre, which features our organic skin care products. Contact us for more information or to book in for one of our treatments: www.organicspa-retreat.com 



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