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natural acne treatment for your face

Organic facial Cleanser

This is a safe acne facial cleansing which contains no chemical detergents.
This natural acne treatment does not make any lather, instead penetrating the skin and skin pores to remove toxins and mucosa from your skin.

Use these skin products as cleansers in the morning and night. Our organic skin care products contain tea tree essential oil and green tea extract, which have strong anti-oxidants and anti-bacteria which protects your skin from bacteria and reduces your acne. 

Benefits of our skin products 

1. Cleanses skin and removes mucosa and oil
2. Protects your skin from bacteria
3. Non sensitive reaction by mild PH control
4. No drying out by organic safflower oil

Organic Facial Cleansing for Dry Skin
Organic Facial Cleansing for Oily skin

Seaweed Serum

Heal your skin with our organic skin care range. Nourish your skin using organic seaweed extract, which high in zinc. Our skin products also have a high anti-oxidant property, with organic grape seed oil, wheat gam oil and carrot oil.

1. Heals and repairs broken skin
2. Deep moisture by nourishing organic skin food
3. Promotes skin barrier with minerals and vitamins
4. Deep penetration by organic formula

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