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Organic baby products

How you can protect your new born baby from harmful toxins? There are so many products which could cause sensitive reactions and long-term problems for your baby, so it’s best to choose organic baby products.

We offer a great range of organic cotton clothes. None of our cotton has been treated by chemicals which often cause itchy skin or eczema in babies.

Choose organic baby products to protect your baby.

Harmony Harvest certified organic cotton cloth

1) No Dye. All natural three colour (natural white, green, brown)
2) Certified organic cotton by OCIA
3) Wide range of stylish and pretty designs 

Organic baby products for skin

Many babies suffer from skin trouble such as acne or eczema. Many mums take their babies to a doctor, resulting in their children being prescribed drugs, such as steroids or antibiotics which may lower your baby’s immunity.

It’s important to choose organic treatments instead of drugs.

Secrets of Harmony Harvest organic baby skin care products:

1) No SLF, COCO DEA, PEG or their derivatives to saturate your baby's skin with plastic!
2) No toxins for your baby
3) Organic Teatree essential oil which offers powerful yet gentle skin protection from bacteria
4) Organic orange essential oil will calm your baby's nervous system
5) All our organic baby products allow baby's skin to breathe and stay healthy

 Organic Baby Shower Gift Package

We have range of organic baby gifts from $48.00 with free delivery in Australia.
Choose your favourites to send to your friends or family and we will ship it to you.

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